Jun 15, 2007

Is retirement right for you?

"... Conventional wisdom says go to school, get a degree or qualification, get a job, work til you 60's then hopefully have enough to enjoy your "twilight years". One day we will arrive at that magical time when we can apparently sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour. In the meantime we defer living to accomplish the doing."

>> A quote from the Perfect Life Project that got me thinking more about my own assumptions

I took some time today to read up on retirement. Background info about me in 10 words or less: I started my first job out of college recently. Being a little anal-retentive I spent a lot of time worrying and stressing about how much I will need to save each month for retirement. Numerous excel spreadsheets and calculations later got me nowhere. Then it occurred to me that I haven't thought at all about a much more important question: do I want to retire and do I even like the concept of retirement?

I've decided to still save some money for when I'm older but to
also create a travel and entertainment fund for the next 12 months. I'll post one more quote and then I'm off to tap into that fund! I'll be much happier looking back when I'm 60 about the memories I'll make tonight!


Perfect Life Project said...

Cptn Flint,

Like your new blog. Clean and succinct. Nice source of info too :). Noticed you over at 4HWW. Inspirational isn't it?
I would be happy to add you as a link from PLP if you could do likewise.



Perfect Life Project said...

Thank you Mr Parrot